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Newcastle Ride August 16 2016

Am using this blog to allow access to Gordon Powell’s map route. The blog allows me to activate only one link so have opted to continue to insert Burton’s photos in the Peterborough Cycling Dudes blog.

Bondhead harbour
                                                               Gordon’s map route

Wednesday, March 30, 2016



Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dec 23 2015 - A Slog in the Fog

T’was 2 days pre Christmas
All through the land
Fog was thick as blowing sand
Bikes stood ready for Dudes to go
As it’s OK, today there is no snow
Off up the trails, we 5 did glide
On this, our pre Christmas ride
On Hendrik, Burton, Frank, & Bob
Up this hill we go in a heart throb
We no longer are that quick
But, we must finish before St Nick

Merry Xmas to all, Enjoy time with family & friends

Bob phoning 911

Friday, December 18, 2015

Dec 16 - Bob Penny's Elegy

Some Dudes like the springtime, for others autumn fun
But the Dudes en masee (an elder class)
opt only for the sun...

Which brings us to this morning where 'midst the blowing snow
Three bikers most intrepid through windswept streets did go
They plowed on east towards Beavermeade through winter’s stormy blast
Their energy was fading; they knew they could not last
If only they could reach there they knew they’d find support
in the rosy cheery faces of the faithful Dudes cohort
But to their disappointment when the park came into view
The parking lot was empty as snow drifts quickly grew,
They STILL wait there so hopeful for bikers to approach
As hypothermia tremors their extremities en roach
It may be spring when birdies sing & crocuses abound
Before this frozen trio & their bicycles are found


But Merry Christmas Bob, Frank & Barry

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Dudes Rhyme Time

Where have all the dudes gone
On this lovely spring like morn
When December sun had shone
On a biker all forlorn
   Arndt Kruger’s Lament Dec 3

Pete’s Reply Dec 3  (after the ride)
   We did not mean to be rude
    to a fellow Dude

The drizzling rain in Hastings
Put a damper on my cycling
Before the sun had shone
Another spring like day
May bring me out to play
  Jim Pare Dec 3 (Jim did cycle Dec 9 a spring like day)

Poets from the woodwork come
As fall to winter doth succumb
But riders seem to fade away
As landscapes pass from green to gray
   Bob Penny Dec 3

I am using my pen
To invite you at ten
For a ride in the sun
Which should be fun
   Pete MacLoghlin Dec 9

It must be said
That I have rocks in my head
Though a ride would be nice
Instead I’ll be on ice
      Burton McClelland Dec 9

Got your message too late
So I couldn’t make the date
Since there is no snow
and I’m rarin' to go
I’m bike’n the trails
Of KNSC!! Don’t you know
   Bruce Hancock Dec 9

Though somewhat late
The ride was great
And I can’t wait
Until next weeks date
To participate
  Bob Penny Dec 9

Them Dudes
Now just to ride
A response in verse they seek
How they hurt my pride
Don’t they know
Even my grammar is weak?
So ... will I show?
Not this day
    Bill Punt Dec 9

Dec 9 - Conrad’s City Tour

12 Dudes met Conrad in Beavermeade on an ideal December day for a 25 km ride thru the city. From Beavermeade we cycled up the RGWT to Rotary Pk, across the London St bridge continuing west on London to Bethune St & south to the city TCT, crossing Reid St to Downie St & west across Wolsley St to Bellevue St, west uphill to Fairbairn St, north to the Parkway Trail, east on the trail to Water St across from the Zoo to cycle on the west sidewalk to University Hts Blvd & uphill to Champlain Dr. North on Champlain with a short jog west to Hetherington Dr & down to Woodland Dr, cycling east across Lakefield Rd to the Trent Power Plant. Cycled on the trail beside the plant over the dam to River Rd then north for 200 M to a trail that connects with the Rotary trail where we split into 2 groups. Arndt Kruger, Jim Pare, Pat Towns, Hendrik Jongsma, Barry Diceman, Frank Marett, & Bob Penny continued north to Lakefield while Conrad, Pete MacLoghlin, George Post, Keith Buchanan, & Gordon Powell cycled south on the trail into the city for pub grub at The Ashburnham Ale House.
                                       Little Lake
                              Power dam trail
                    Keith & Gordon on the new Nassau Rd bike path
                          Bruce Hancock cycled the KNSC trails today!
This will be my last ride in 2015, Merry Xmas & consider joining the Skiing Dudes at KNSC Tuesday mornings for a ski starting at 10:00

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Hendrik’s ride to the airport

Hendrik Jongsma led 5 Dudes on a 30 km route out to the airport on a pleasant December day. Unfortunately Arndt Kruger arrived for a 10:30 start so missed the ride & composed a poetic lament. From Beavermeade we cycled thru Rogers Cove up Maria St to the pedestrian bridge, along the waterfront trail thru Del Cray Park to the “new"CN railbed down to the Otonabee R before crossing Landsdowne St riding beside Lock 19 to Lock St crossing Park St to Monaghan Rd then out of the city on Johnston Dr & Beardsmore Rd to Airport Rd for a tour of the airport before returning on Airport Rd over Hgw 115 to Fisher Dr across the bypass to Harper Rd taking a detour to visit Harper Park before cycling on Crawford Dr to The Crawford Dr Trail  taking city streets & the old rail bed to Del Cary Pk then cycling across the Otonabee R for pub grub at The Ashburnham Ale House

 Bob Penny & John Crawford on the rail trail at the Otonabee R
                         Airport photo stop
        John Higginson & Hendrik at the swing bridge over the Otonabee R

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Closing Lunch - Nov 25 2015

We had 36 members turn out for annual closing lunch at The Peterborough Golf & Country Club. Bob Penny managed to convince Frank Marett & Gordon Powell to cycle in the fog on icy surfaces to Beavbermeade where they met Hendrik Jongsma, but missed Pat Towns, for a ride to Lakefield before arriving at the golf club. Burton McClelland provided a slideshow of his Dudes photos from this years rides during the reception & luncheon. After lunch Susan Sauve the city Transportation Demand Manager gave an interesting presentation on the development of cycling friendly routes on city streets from the past to the present & plans for the future. We will continue to meet in Beavermeade at 10:00 on any Wednesday that looks favourable for cycling ( there seems to be a wide variation in the definition of favourable!). Once there is snow cover the Skiing Dudes will meet at 10:00 every Tuesday for a morning ski on the KNSC trails.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nov 18 2016 - Conrad’s Otonabee route

 14 cyclists met in Beavermeade to join Conrad for a new 27 km loop thru Otonabee Twp . From Beavermeade we cycled east on Ashburnham Dr to Landsdowne St for a ride on the TCT to the Old Keene Rd & south for 2 km to Assumption Rd, west uphill to Crowley Line then south for 3 km to Base Line. West on Base Line across Bensfort Rd to Cloverdale Line & south up to Stewart Hall winding our way thru a subdivision before returning to Cloverdale & down Matchett Line to the Wallace Pt Rd (Cty Rd 21) on which we returned to Peterborough for lunch at The Porch & Pint (750-0598). Next week if the weather is OK we will meet at 10:30 in Beavermeade for a ride to the golf club for the closing lunch. I will cycle from my home to the golf club if I decide to bike, however conditions do not look good for cycling!
                                    Assumption Rd group photo
Gordon Powell & Bob Penny
left click to see the Quaker Oats tower

                                Corner of Base Line & Crowley Line
Burton on Crowley near Base Line after a photo shoot

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Future Rides in 2015

 Meet in Beavermeade at 10:00 any Wednesday that looks OK for cycling. Conrad has another new 25 km route that we hope to do before the snow flies & there are many other routes to choose from. See photos from previous Dec rides. Wednesday Nov 25 -   Closing Lunch at The Peterborough Golf & Country Club 1030 Armour Rd. Arrive at 12:45 for a beef bouruigon buffet at 1:30, cost $25.75 which includes our guest speakers meal. To date we have 35 registered for lunch, email me if you plan to attend, by Nov 23
          PHTCT Dec 12 2012 note the ice beside the trail!
Dec 19 2012 Trent U pedestrian bridge

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

City-TCT Opening Tues Nov 10 2015

12 Dudes were present for the opening ceremony at 11:00 of the city section of the recently completed TCT. The city section is the paved trail that extends for approximately 300 meters east of Technology Dr. After the ceremony we joined Sue Sauve for a ride on the trail to the site of the Keene Railway station beside the Indian R near Lang returning for pub grub at The Ashburnham Ale House
                                   Barry Diceman Chair LHTCT
                                  group photo
Tandem cyclists holding the ribbon with blind cyclist on the right
Sue Sauve & friends on the TCT 


Wed Nov 4 - Conrad's New Route

24 cyclists met in Beaverneade on this amazing warm sunny Nov day (22 C) to follow Conrad on a new route that he & Mel Johnson had scouted. From Beavermeade we cycled thru Ecology Pk to Ashburnham Dr then south across Lansdowne St over Hgw 7 continuing south on Crowley Line to Assumption Rd, east to the Keene Rd, north for 1 km to Dillon Rd then south across the TCT for an uphill climb to Drummond Line. Cycled south on Drummond up a short hill before a welcome  downhill ride followed by a long uphill climb to the TCT. Cycled east on the TCT to Heritage Line where we took the bike lane into Lang. Returned  on the TCT to ride on the newly completed 3 km section into Peterborough (last 2 photos) for lunch at Mark’s Fine Diner (742-8181). The described route is 34 km but it can easily be shortened. Conrad turned back before we reached Heritage Line for a 22 km ride & a few others turned around at Heritage Line.
                  Crowley Line at Assumption Rd
              Drummond Line - short uphill climb from Dillon Rd
          Drummond Line looking south towards the TCT in the distance
                   wetlands on the new TCT just west of the Keene Rd
recently completed section of TCT at Hgw 7 overpass

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oct 21 2015 - Bewdley to Camborne

On a cold wet miserable fall day Robin Maughan led 7 Dudes on a 28 km ride thru the gorgeous Northumberland section of the Oakridge Moraine . The route is rolling all the way but avoids any steep climbs. It was drizzling as we left the parking lot in Bewdley just after 10:00, cycling east on Cavan Rd across Cty Rd 9  to Cty  Rd 18 in Plainsville. The only steady rain occurred on this section which has several “easy” uphill climbs. Cycled south on Cty Rd 18 up a long but gradual gradient to Upper Coldsprings before a welcome long downhill ride thru Lower Coldsprings to Kennedy Rd in Camborne. Cty Rd 18 has paved shoulders dedicated to cyclists. Cycled north-west on Kennedy Rd for several moderate climbs, to Vimy Ridge Rd then west to Little Rd & north for a spectacular view of Rice Lk before a downhill descent to Cavan Rd into Bewdley. Enjoyed lunch at Darby’s Place (289-829-0618) beside Rhino’s which is being restored, delicious soup. Robin had given us an option of cycling a 10 km longer route, continuing past Camborne downhill to Dale Rd, west to Williamson Rd then north to Vimy Ridge Rd & Little Rd but the weather dictated the shorter route.
                Upper Coldsprings break - note the wet pavement!
                                    Camborne from Cty Rd 18
                                   Kennedy Rd in Camborne
                          Kennedy Rd vista towards Lake Ontario
Rice Lk view from Little Rd

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Warsaw Ride Oct 14 2015

We had 20 cyclists turn out for this ride on a sunny but cool & breezy fall day. From the ballpark Barry Diceman led us east on Rock Rd past Douglas Rd to an access trail into the ORCA picnic site & a spectacular view overlooking the Indian R. Continued east on Rock Rd to Cooper Rd & east to Dummer 4th Line then south to Centre Dummer Line & east for 3 km to the start of the Dummer 6th Line bush trail for a 2 km ride to the 6th Line & south to Cty Rd 8 where Conrad led 5 cyclists back to Warsaw, a 26 km ride, cycling west on Cty Rd 8 to the 4th line at Cottlesloe, north on the 4th to Clifford Rd while Barry led the others south on the 6th to Cty Rd 2 & east to the 8th Line then north across Cty Rd 8 to another road allowance bush trail. This very rough trail has a downhill section where we had to get off our bikes but we still had 3 spills! The trail exits at Centre Line & a ride west to the 4th Line taking a short jog to Douglas Rd to continue east for a 3 km ride into Warsaw for lunch at Kylies (652-9600). In the future we should consider avoiding the 8th Line bush trail by cycling east on Cty Rd 8 to the 8th Line, south to Cty Rd 2 then west to the 6th Line or continuing to the 4th Line at Cottelsloe. Left click to enlarge photos
                                    Indian R viewpoint
                                  Dummer 4th Line
                                  6th Line bush trail
                     Mike Steele & George Post on 6th Line bush trail
Douglas Rd view towards Warsaw
Jim Pare’s group photo beside the bush trail

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Robin’s Cavan-South Monaghan Ride

18 cyclists met Robin Maughan at 9:30 in the Baxter Creek Golf Club parking lot for a 40 Km ride on a new route thru the Cavan South Monaghan countryside. From the golf club we cycled west on Cedar Valley Rd to Hutchison Dr, south to Cty Rd 21, east on Cty Rd 21 across Hgw 28 to Fourth Line continuing east before turning south on to Scriven Rd for a long uphill climb followed by a downhill run to Third Line then east to Cty Rd 2 for a 7 km ride with another long but gradual hill climb before a downhill ride into Baileboro & a short jog across Hgw 28 to Carmel line then east to Brackenbridge Dr & an uphill ride north to Hutchison Dr with one last hill climb before crossing Cty Rd 2 to reach Cedar Valley Rd & a return to the golf club for lunch where we met Bob Penny, Frank Marett & Mike Steele. They had cycled from Peterborough & somehow missed the group start. Conrad Hill & Keith Buchanan decided to take a shorter route & headed north on Hutchison for a 23 km ride. This scenic ride has a few rollers + 2 long hill climbs on paved & gravel surfaces but is worth the extra effort. My thanks to Robin & Barry for leading rides over the past 4 weeks in my absence
                                  Scriven Rd hill climb
                                   Rice Lake view on Cty Rd 2

                              Cty Rd 2 approaching Baileboro
                      Robin returning to the Baxter Creek clubhouse

Monday, September 07, 2015

Rides for Sept 16 23 30 & Oct 7

Sept 16 Barry Diceman will be leading this ride. Meet at Beavermeade for 10:00 start

Sept 23 Robin Maughan is leading a 35 ride thru the Cobourg countryside & waterfront followed by lunch at The Old Mill Golf Club. For details go to Sept 12 2012 in Archives. Meet at 10:00 in the Cobourg Conservation Park on Elgin St. From Peterborough drive south on Hgw 28 across Hwg 401 into Port Hope after driving thru the railway underpass turn left onto Hgw 2 & drive into Cobourg. Hwg 2 turns into Elgin St at Burnham St (stoplights). The park entrance is on your right beside a light coloured house (before Ontario St - the next stoplights). An alternate route is drive east on 401 to the Burnham St exit #472 (1st Cobourg exit)

Sept 30 Robin is leading this 35 km ride thru the Cavan countryside. Meet at 10:00 in the commuter parking lot at the intersection of Hgw 115 & Cty Rd 10 (the Millbrook turn). Lunch will be at Landing 27 in Springville. For details click on Sept 2014 in archives & read Barry’s Oct 1 ride

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Wed Sept 9 2015 - Garden Hill Ride

We had 8 Dudes turn out for this 45 km ride thru the rolling Northumberland countryside starting at the Ganaraska Conservation Park in Garden Hill. It had been raining until we started the ride but the rain stopped & an overcast sky made for a comfortable ride. From Garden Hill we rode east on Cty Rd 9 ablout 2 km to Grist Mill Rd then south to the 5th Line & west to Cty Rd 10, riding south downhill thru Canton to the 4th Line & east to Deer Park Rd, south across Hgw 2 to Dickinson Rd over 401 & the rail-lines to Lakeshore Rd.West on Lakeshore beside Lake Ontario thru Port Britain to Weslleyville Rd. North on Weslleyville uphill to 401 continuing north on Moorish Church Rd to the 4th line & west to Cty Rd 65 for a gentle uphill ride to Osaka followed by a couple of valley dips & climbs to the 7th line then riding east to a serious climb just before Mill Rd & north into Garden Hill. After the ride we drove to Bewdley for grub grub at Rhinos
                                       Deer Park Rd
      Pat on Lakeshore Rd with Lake Ontario in background
                      Cty Rd 65 just past Osaka
7th line hill