Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 28 2010 ride thru Otonabee & Monaghan Townships

Bob Prole led 20 cyclists on this 43 km ride. We met at Morrow Park for a 10:00 start, heading out on Roger Neilson Way to Braidwood then south on Braidwood to the gravel trail past Lock 19 to Landsdowne St & over the bridge to River Rd. South on River Rd under Hgw 115 to Wallace Pt Rd, continuing SW on Wallce Pt Rd (1st photo which is overexposed because my camera was on the Manual setting) to Cloverdale Line. Another option is to turn right after Hgw115 onto Guthrie Dr past the Anglers & Hunters complex to McNamara Dr to Driscoll Rd & Matchett Line but there is a rather steep hill on Mcnamara with a great view from the summit! Then cycled on Cloverdale to Galloway Rd, 2nd & 3rd photos, turning left on to Thorn Rd which ends at the Wallace Pt Rd. Along Wallace Pt Rd to the bridge, 4th photo, then into Squirrel Cr Park, 5th photo. From Squirrel Cr we continued on Wallace Pt Rd to Frenchman's Cr Rd & the 5th Line of S Monaghan Twp to Hgw. 28. Headed north on Hgw 28 in a brutal headwind across from the Baxter Cr Golf Club to the 6th Line, Atchison Rd & Bartlett Rd where Bob Garvey noticed that his rear tire was flat. A group of 6 who were riding with Bob stayed to assist in the tire repair but we obviously became seperated from the rest of the group. Bartlett ends at Airport Rd along which we rode over Hgw 115 to Fisher Dr, again into an almost gale force wind., past the Harper Rd parking lot to Harper Rd, Rye St & lunch at Boston Pizza. However 2 of the group became seperated & never made it for lunch including Phil (top photo) a friend of Conrad's from England! After lunch we returned on Rye St & Harper Rd to Crawford Dr & the Crawford Dr Trail to Monaghan Rd then south on Brioux to Morrrow Pk. We have welcomed several new cyclists to the Dudes this year including Bob Garvey, Colin Entwistle, Jim Dancey, Mike Evans, & Bruce Hancock. From now on I will turn my cell phone on for any future emergencies as Bob Prole tried to contact me when he realized what had happened! We decided to do this route one last time before Airport Rd is closed permanently for the planned extension of the airport runway. Left click on the photos to enlarge them.


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